Off Road

Stepping out of the office and join the nature might just be the nicest feeling you had in a longer time. 

Do you remember the time when you saw a beautiful spot inaccessible by car and too far to walk.... well we do not remember it, we do it.  

4x4 cars with good tires, strong engines, climbing on rocky road when you just though you could not even walk there. And than suddenly breath taking view just explodes in front of you and you are hooked. You are off road person.... 

 Join us on our one day or weekly trips to secrets places of Balkan, discovering nature as the best painter and architect, soak in the energy of Balkan forests and drink water from the spring. 

Coffee on a view point, lunch with local family made of organic products, visit the villages and discover handcrafts, milk the cow and make your own cheese. We will be delighted if it will be your first time.

 We do not offer you only driving we will mesmerize you with experience. 



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