Who are we....


 By opening Balkan Adriatic DMC we were led by an idea of reliable, comprehensive, versatile company that will response to each and every client demand. 

We are  creating our programs and events to satisfy not only the quality but rather to create something out of the box that will make us stand out from our competition.  

 We are good listeners, will hear all your demands and requests, advice with our in-depth knowledge of destination in order to make an memorable event.

Balkan-Adriatic DMC is your local partner who will provide all ground service and we are professional in what we do


What We do.....

Once on the location with group many things can go wrong.  Organization requires professional approach to handle the case, to dive in details in order to be relaxed on performance. 


Balkan-Adriatic is organized in three different areas:   FIT,  LEISURE, MICE

FIT as one of the simplest but busiest department working directly both charter flights and regular airlines handles biggest traffic.  

With LEISURE  department we stepped out from a frame of cheap circle groups and decided that it does not has to be expensive to be good. We always try to add a personal imprint on our programs. 

MICE has always been our business orientation, growing year after year, adjusting to new trends and markets, we never forgot essence of true incentive trip. It is details who defines good from great project, and until now we never accepted good as an option. 



  Why we do it.... 

We are focused to make our daily work as much fun as it gets because purpose of our work is to enjoy it. 

When we were kids, we loved playing Outside. It is where we felt free, where we discovered new things, learned through experience, shared old and created new memories. Outside was the place that expanded our horizons, offered us another point of view, taste new food and hear bee music. It allowed us to push our limits. 

And you know what, we never stopped exploring and enjoying the Outside!





Confirmed experience...

Not ours, but yours.  

There is no more vivid moment than the one you lived. Join us in our game of exploring, crating new angles and reshaping experience.  We will wake up a child in you to come out and play with us. 

Many of our projects are proof of success that we proudly wear like a medal on our chest. 



 Down to earth and dedicated to our clients, we deliver all our projects with manifest of strong commitment.  We never give promises without solid background and that background is our in-depth knowledge of destination, strong connections with our suppliers, professional attitude and years of experience.