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Hospitality of local people whose spirit is always in research of happiness while daily drinking Turkish coffee in favorite cafe and making weekend plans in taverns called kafana with friends, preparing delicious cuisine with a strong regional bond, singing songs and lyrics that are passed on to the generations, nourishing the customs that make us authentic and related to families,  dreams and goals that make us through any situation life puts us -That is just Balkan lifestyle you must experience.

The Balkan peninsula is one of the most historically rich regions of Europe, especially when you become aware of presence of prehistoric artifacts, Greek and Roman ruins, Ottoman relics, and Communist monuments all in one region. Fighting for dominance, shaping the culture, language and history Balkan is a region where Western culture mentality meets Eastern lifestyle in Balkan traditional way.

The Balkans are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Europe. The Balkans are perfect for adrenaline junkies. Whether it’s hiking the highest mountain in the Balkans peninsula, rafting through the deepest canyon in Europe this region is a haven for lovers of nature and the adventure that comes with them. Of course, Adriatic coast is a precious perl of Mediteran sea with long tourism tradition.


While there’s a lot that differentiates the countries in the Balkans, hospitality and traditional local food unite them in every segment when it comes to mention rakia (strong fruit-based liquor) and cevapi (grilled meat) but there will be always competition about where the best rakia comes from.




Curious about what southeastern Europe has to offer?



Find your LOVEliest place in SLOVEnia and experience it!


There is only one country in the heart of Europe, covering completely different natural areas like the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. Slovenia Slovenia is a country in the Balkans, which, unlike all others, was most influenced by European culture. There you will be able to experience untouched wild nature, as it is the first country in the world to be declared a green destination. Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe. You won’t be disappointed whether you choose to spend your free time in countryside, nature parks or outskirts of the town where you can also find beautiful nature. The relatively short sea coast give tourist a few most important sites of Adriatic coast. When it comes to food you can enjoy tasty schnitzel from Austria, spicy goulash from Hungary or creamy risotto and gnocchi from Italy. 





Slovenia has most influences from Italy, Hungary and Austria. That is most evident in the capital Ljubljana. Italian influence can be seen in many buildings with Italian baroque and Art Nouveau style. Among this old construction there are buildings by creators of the ‘’New Wave’’ and unique Metelkova street, alternative capital of culture for artists- the leading center of underground music and art in the region. Ljubljana’s main attraction is Ljubljana Castle standing on a hill above the city for 600 years. It can be quickly reached by funicular railway, so you can spend your time in restaurant, art exhibition or even in nightclub. Ljubljana is city with a green soul and that soul is crossed by the River Ljubljanica, famous for the Dragon Bridge and its famous dragon sculptures. 




Bled lake

True mirror of Euoropean natural wonders is Lake Bled. It doesn’t stop impressing visitors with its natural beauty wealth of legend, and special powers to restore well-being. On the castle towering over the lake on the cliff, not only you can find a great view but also try famous Blade Lake Cream Cake. Its recipe is old over 60 years. You can trust information that says more that 12 million pieces of this dessert have been sold in Lake Bled so far. Besides Cream Cake there are also thermal springs in the north-eastern part of the lake which now supply the swimming pools of the Bled hotels. The best way to discover the uniqueness of Bled is by boat on the way to the small island while enjoying the extraordinary view of the castle overlooking the three peaks of the Triglav Mountain in the distance covered with snow.







Mediterranean coast that steals the hearts for centuries 

Croatia has a specific position of the country. The state stretches along the Mediterranean Sea and most of the events throughout Croatia take place on the coast. Country with the sunniest days in whole Europe. If you want to have enough time for visiting trademarks during the day – Croatia is place for you. You can expect in May almost 12 hours of sunshine.  Average temperature of the see during the summer is 26 C.  Very well-preserved Mediterranean ports along the whole coast are making this country frozen in times with all cultural heritage towers, fortress, open theatres that create an enchanted adventure that you will never experience in one country.


World jet set is coming here to enjoy in crystal clear water, picturesque nature, good food and drinks without disturbing. Privacy is guarantee here.  Tourism is very important industry. Locals approach their guests with great care and put so much effort in everything.  Expect from Croatia only high world-  level service. If you get over of sun, see , easygoing time and party (in which we doubt) you can always go straight to Zagreb and get feeling how is to live in main city in Croatia.



We can say that citizens of Zagreb and Belgrade are actually neighbors from the same street! They are connected with one highway and the simplest way to explain how to get from one to another city is – just go straight.


Small, sweet city tucked between the hills, Zagreb has about 800.000 inhabitants. Spacious main square, and narrow street with a lot of cafes will make you feel relax and enjoy in every second. If you are there, don’t forget to visit interesting Museum of Broken relationships. There is only few museums like that in the world. Warmth way to feel the energy of Croatia is to visit old market in the vicinity of main square and try al natural domestic product while listening interesting stories of local people.










 Combination of open sea long as your glimpse reaches and ancient fortress. Winning combination most would say. And they are right. Dubrovik is world popular city. Older generation remember Dubrovnik because of his incredible fortification and uniqueness, but modern generation want to visit Dubrovnik because of the movie The game of thrones. It represents the main city of 7 kingdoms. Whatever is your inspiration for visiting this amazing city, you wont regret. Narrow streets, stone architecture, breathtaking view from the fortress ,  sweet cafes and much more will seduce you and force you to get back again. Incredible energy. 





Hvar (agro tourism Faros, lavender fields) Water, islands, bay, palms, stone blocks, yachts- your heaven on Earth. Hvar has almost 2800 hours of sun per year. Locals with a high degree of self-confidence declare that if  there is more than four hours of rain per day, they give a reduction on your stay and if snow falls, your stay is free. There is still, enough rain for lavender field which make this island idyllic with its violet magic. If you get here in spring you will feel like you are in the middle of  herbarium. Capital Hvar is real live fairytale city. From the sea, you will get the sight of a waterfront promenade strip bordered with a row of palm trees and seven centuries old walls, overtopped by the fortresses protecting Hvar. You can organize so much water activities here and make them interesting because of unusual position of islands near Hvar which make amazing bays. 




Work until is time for a coffee and nightlife


Republic of Serbia has strategic position which contributed to the most authentic mix of west and east, with a rich diversity of cultures and traditions, unique architecture and art, majestic natural beauty and hospitality. The Austrian Empire left traces in Vojvodina with beautiful castles and etno villages that preserved the tradition of the European way of life with the second largest city in the modern country, now nominated for the European Capital of Culture 2021. Novi Sad. The Ottoman Empire has deep roots in the Balkans due to their role of almost 5 centuries. Prior to their appearance, Christian churches and monasteries constituted most of the historic religious buildings and saved Serbian heritage as one of the best details of Balkan trips due to its uniqueness, valuable and legends. Natural wonders such as Uvac lake in the shape of snake or Djavolja Varos- pyramids of rocks are authentic natural treasure that just cannot be found anywhere else.


The main natural border between those empires was actually the most beautiful spot in Balkan, where river Danube meets river Sava in the capital of Serbia- white city Belgrade.



Belgrade is a synonym with mix of cultures, you can feel that orient energy wild and free but elegant and balanced in its nature. Belgrade is a Balkans New York city that never sleeps. The city with the best connection of the plane to all places in Europe. A place that changes year after year finding its best look, but it always makes you feel welcome and alive. Belgrade is like a good black dress - Never get out of fashion. Belgrade is one of the best places to spend a holiday, hold a conference, or organize some corporate relaxation and itself is a center for some picturesque shore excursions. To describe all the points of interest in this unusual multinational city would be simply impossible. All this makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations.


Uvac Canyon

Floating on the boat through compound of unreal meanders that nature carved in shape of snake, while Griffon vulture is flying above and the most beautiful green based color of crystal-clear waters of Uvac canyon, will quickly introduce you to the magic of this special nature reserve. The status of a “special nature reserve” the territory around the river Uvac received thanks to unique plant and animal species that can be encountered here. The most significant is Griffon vulture, one of the 140 species of birds that live in this wild area, making the symbol and brand of Uvac Canyon. A special charm to this natural reserve gives the largest cave complex in the territory of Serbia. The security service with rangers provides an opportunity for boating, sightseeing and visiting the cave meanders system while listening sounds of nature and enjoying the unspoiled natural wealth.