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Through the years we built our considerable presence in Balkan peninsula.
Working with us you can access 5 destinations through one DMC contact, have reliable and experienced partner in building trans-regional programs.
We believe that local and authentic experiences combined with well known destination highlights brings out the best in one event.
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Top 10 facts about Serbia you definitely didn't know:                   

  • First human settlement on Serbian soil dates back to 40.000 BC.

  • During the 3rd and 4th century 18 Roman emperors were born on the territory of modern day Serbia. ​

  • A total number of protected natural areas in Serbia is 463. It consists of 5 national parks, 16 nature parks, 16 landscapes with exceptional features, 67 nature reserves, 42 protected areas of cultural and historical value, and 317 monuments of nature.

  • Nikola Tesla, men who invented electricity was a Serbian.

  • Serbs know how to celebrate. The festivities will start late and finish even later, until every drop of joy has been wrung from the sponge of life.

  • In 2010, Belgrade was declared a tourist place of the first category.

  • Belgrade is among first MICE destinations in Europe. Variety of indoor and outdoor possibilities for every kind of event. Belgrade is Balkan's New York.

  • Belgrade is the only Europe's capital located on confluence on two international rivers: Sava and Danube.

  • In Belgrade coffee time is any time. Explore more than 2 500 restaurants.

  • Belgrade is new Berlin. Nightlife is every night during whole year, but the most famous are parties on floating boats which vibes will energize you. 

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10 Top- rated travel tips about Montenegro that will make you go right away with first flight:

  • Perfect sea coast destination with two MICE centres: capital city Podgorica and coastal city Budva.

  • Airports in Tivat and Podgorica are in close proximity to MICE spots.

  • If you are looking for Monako on Adriatic coast, Porto Montenegro, Lustica Bay will meet your expectations.

  •  Kotor region and the Durmitor National Park are protected by the UNESCO World -Heritage list.

  • Kotor’s St. Tripun cathedral is more than 50 years older than Notre Dame cathedral.

  • Biogradska gora is the home of  last virgin forest in Europe.

  •  Lake Skadar is the largest lake in Europe.

  • At 1300 meters deep, the Grand Canyon of Tara River is the deepest canyon in Europe and second largest in the world after the Colorado canyon. It is also highly recommended adrenalin activities.

  • Montenegro’s mountains are just as breath-taking. In fact the Lovcen mountain is home to the highest mausoleum in the world.

  •  As one of the Adriatic Sea's oldest cities, Budva's 2500 year history makes Budva the reigning "tourist capital of Montenegro" with streets full of life, vibrating and pulsing with nostalgic heartbeat and sense of old times.

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Top 10 Croatian highlights as a lifetime must see destination: 

  • Croatia has highest number of UNESKO intangible goods of any other European country.

  • Must see destination with three MICE centers: Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Istria region.

  • Hum in Istria with a population of around 20 is the world’s smallest town

  • 10% of Croatia is protected via 11 Nature Parks, 8 National Parks, and 2 Nature Reserves. 

  • Croatia has over 1,200 islands and over 800 beaches.

  • There are 41,188 winemakers.

  • Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has been awarded three times for the most beautiful European Christmas market.

  • One of the last three preserved amphitheaters in the world is located in Pula.

  • The oldest Catholic cathedral in the world was built over 1700 years ago in the city of Split. 

  • Coast is the filming location of famous “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars” movies. 

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Top 7 amazing facts you didn't know about Slovenia- declared the first green country in the world:

  • When you want to learn about Europe in one stroke, come to Slovenia. In 1.5h proximity to airport in Ljubljana you can have snow covered mountains, a sea coast bathing in the Mediterranean sun, beautiful Karst caves and thermal springs, ancient  castles, medieval cities and countless vineyards with top quality wines.

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city was awarded European Green Capital for 2016 by the European Commission.

  • The-tree ringed castle grounds, the turquoise river Ljubljanica, the foliage-lined city walks and the stunning public parks create a fresh, clean environment you rarely experience in a capital city. 

  • Lake Bled with Bled Castle on the hill is the most well-known destination in Slovenia. Crystal blue waters of the glacial lake, backdrop of snowcapped mountains of National Park Triglav and lake's adorable little island complete with historical church make for a fairytale-like scene.

  •  One of the largest cave castles in the world Predjama Castle is one of must see attractions. Just few minutes from castle, underground train  will take you among thousand years old Postojna cave, place where you can meet "dragon's babies" in person, also called human fish.

  • Although Slovenia's coastline along the Adriatic Sea is less than 30 miles long, there are a number of idylic towns such as Portoroz and Piran, where you'll find wonderful spa treatments due to the unique salt and mud found in the region. 

  • Considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, the Soca Valley is a haven for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers, as there are plenty of rocky gorges, small waterfalls, canyons to explore.

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We listen. We care. We create.
24/7 available for all your requests and full support as local partner from beginning to realization.


Sharpen the edge of event`s composition.
We provide you with all the necessary information until we fulfill your inquiry with the appropriate ideas and logistics details


Personal touch as a base for imagination to become reality.
Experience embedded in enthusiasm creates uniqueness woven inside each event.

We guarantee you the quality, dedication and professionalism of the DMC brand with highly dedicated staff who poses in-depth learning experience. 

With extensive network of contacts and service providers, we strive to ensure all events, great and small,  are handled professionally and to the at most satisfaction of our clients. 

With your needs and budget in mind, we’ll create a customized program because what we provide are very often unique and exceptional ideas, easy to run and fun to participate in.

We make it for you uncomplicated.

Zoran Parmak



Love working with Zoran and team. Always happy to see how flexible and innovative they can be. Inspiring and great solutions oriented approach.
This team is just splendid to hold up as inspirational to our own. Great destination partner indeed and flexible with last minute changes.
Meshek aircraft
Managing director
Personal thank to whole team for being ahead of the game on all aspects since start, reliable and always available 24/7. Really appreciate our cooperation.
Arkia airlines
Love working with Zoran and team. Always happy to see how flexible and innovative they can be. Inspiring and great solutions oriented approach.
SEO Uniglobe
This team is just splendid to hold up as inspirational to our own. Great destination partner indeed and flexible with last minute changes.
Managing director
Thank YOU guys. You made our event looked like a "piece of cake". You were there for even the most demanding things.
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Composing projects after project we disseminated imposing list of clients who passed their confidence in our hands because of our irresistible need for innovations.

We make you easier to understand how we work:

A DMC stands for Destination management partner, local travel agent that specializes in tailor-made trips. We are specialized in MICE (meetings, incentive trips, conferences and events) and leisure programs.

Yes, we are handling all ground services at chosen destination: transfers from A to B, hotel, deals, restaurants, guides and most important, we are with you from beginning to realization no matter the reason of your travel. With your inputs, we make you time schedule program with optional excursions so you can always be aware about easy going program during your stay.

Meetings, Incentives, Exhibitions, Conferences, team building…

The price range of flights to Balkan destinations is quite affordable compared to other European countries. You can come to the Balkans in less than 2 hours from any European capital.


The countries of the Balkan Adriatic are perfectly connected by flights from all parts of the planet. We can make short vacations depending on the experience you are looking for – from the capitals, to unexplored nature landscapes to rafting locations and the sea side. Balkan has it all, let us be your guide.

Depending on travel intension. If you go to LEISURE segment you can find already made programs for every Balkan Adriatic destination, but of course it can be also adjusted to your needs. For MICE events we provide tailored made programs, upon your inquiries, and we are doing our best to provide you with the best possible program. Where team building is overload, and leisure is just “not enough” we step in with amazing incentive ideas. 

You will receive an offer within 12 hours.


We always give you minimum 2-3 options for hotels and restaurants depending on your inquiries. We are proud to be able to call upon reliable and professional partners who provide excellent quality of service at competitive prices.

We are transparent. Yes, according to your request, we send you cost sheet for whole program with VAT included.

We have long term experience in organizing +100events, also smaller and bigger once. We are fan of mixed outdoor and indoor event possibilities so we always mix different kind of experience in order to give you space to fill the country in which you are planning to organize your event.

Of course. For everyday communication you can rely on one of our project managers to be at your disposal from beginning to realization.

We will do everything to ensure that your event is organized in complete accordance with your desires and is carried out to the highest professional standard.

We are sending you personalized program in PDF presentation so you can be aware of what all our offered services look like. Also you get PDF calculation of whole program.



TO INCREASE AWAreness of nature conservation in the balkans.

to preserve the tradition we value.

Balkan Adriatic Team Members

Meet us in real.

Balkan-Adriatic DMC was created by enthusiast`s with understanding that event needs a personal touch as a base for imagination to become reality. 

Let us welcome you through streets in unique way as only locals can do, wove them with finest charm and neatness, spice it up with passion for gastronomy and good wine, color them with scent of adventure and sound of vibrating nights. 

Zoran Parmak

Founder and Managing Director

Zorica Parmak

Cofounder and Director

Olivera Djokić

FIT- Senior Project Manager

Vanja Muratović

MICE - Senior Project Manager

Yair Arama

Project Manager

Ivana Milojević

Project Manager

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Gordana Reves

Account Manager

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4x4 off road & outdoor Project Manager

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