Balkan Adriatic travel list.

If you are checking out Montenegro as destination for your very next event, you are at the right place. M.I.C.E. events in Montenegro are our special place full of possibilities for out of the box activities. According to our experience of handling smaller and larger groups, we have made you our Montenegro travel list to step into amazing ideas and meet your new favorite travel destination:

It shines like Monaco and seduces you like Barcelona | the Montenegrin Coast will capture your youth spirit

Regardless the occasion, size or type of your event, with full range of M.I.C.E . services, travelling to Montenegro coast will be unforgettable experience. Perfect sea coast destination with coastal medieval cities and popular beachesyou will obtain the needed balance between adrenalin boost and leisure time. Montenegrin coast is the road trip that stimulates and motivates, but also inspires and relaxes, ideal for outdoor incentives or teams day out.

Special event venues in Budva | Montenegro

Business trips to Montenegro have a long term tradition and high class hospitality with upscale service. From local charm to urban centers, you can definitely choose appropriate venues, high tech, multifunctional and experienced in handling massive events. Outdoor possibilities are counted, but we know where the real gems are. Looking for venue with the best view? Or hidden beach restaurant on island near hotel location? What about gala dinner on the ramparts of the old fortress of Budva? Budva is your destination for unlimited M.I.C.E. incentive possibilities.

Airports in Montenegro | Podgorica | Tivat

Airports of Montenegro (in Podgorica and Tivat) maintains collaboration with both surrounding and numerous international airports. Montenegro Airlines serves 2 domestic destinations and 14 international destinations in 10 countries, as of October 2020. You can get detailed time schedule for Montenegro flights information on the following the link:

From mountains to sea coast for 2h | Let's go!

As one of the smallest countries in Europe, Montenegro is hidden travel treasure, still unexplored with numerous attractions to discover. In just 2 hours distance you can explore magnificent Durmitor national park, go to Tara canyon rafting and come back to hotel and enjoy your cocktails at see coast. Montenegro is absolutely your destination if you are adrenalin junkie, but also first class hotspot for luxury travel and upscale ambient.

Fall in love with St. Stefan island near Budva

Sofia Loren said: “It’s just as if I have returned to town from the most beautiful fairy tale of my childhood”. St Stefan is an island-huge Luxury hotel village and deluxe resort which has an aura of past times; romantic, mystic medieval atmosphere. Aman Resort hold 90% of island with private beach on north, but the south beach is free for the public. The island is connected with the shore by a narrow sandy isthmus which makes it one of the most iconic and famous places in the world. The view of the Sveti Stefan island extending from the shore will leave you speechless.

A brand new luxury tourist scenes have been built on the coast of Montenegro | Portonovi | Luštica Bay | Porto Montenegro

Porto Montengro in Tivat, Portonovi and Lustica Bay on the beautiful coast of Boka bay are brand new luxury destinations on Adriatic sea and the latest most popular attractions in Montenegro. Supported by world-class marina services, 5 star hotels, restaurants inspired by Mediterranean charm, they are positioning Montenegro on luxury travel map , but still keeping their beauty in simple coastal ambience- natural and pleasant for all their guests.

Full day and half day Montenegro excursions | Balkan Adriatic tips

Wherever you are settled in Montenegro, you have counted options for full day and half day excursions. From Budva in less than 1 hour you can reach Kotor, Tivat, Perast. If you want to explore more, north Montenegro –  Durmitor National park, canyons, Biogradska Gora National park would be best options for active program.  Of course, you need to find time for leisure at the beach bar. Montenegro has best ration of active-leisure program in a few days.

Top 5 beaches in Montenegro you can not miss | From luxury to hippie

The water at Sveti Stefan is a vivid blue and the whole 2km beach is lined with sand. Fun fact: the sand is actually pink! The beach that has been voted one of the best beaches in all of Europe is Jaz Beach surrounded by mountains full of green flora. Ada Bojana has 3 km (2 miles) long sandy beach with kitesurfing and windsurfing options. Plavi Horizonti is one of the sandy beaches , favorite among locals, mainly for its clean placid waters. Murici beach is located along Lake Skadar which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers some peace and quiet.

Kotor city excursion | UNESCO World Heritage Site

Authentic, charming, breathtaking… Kotor’s Venetian old town lies on the shore of the fjord, Bay of Kotor. City is surrounded by sheer mountain with San Giovanni Fortress from the 9th century, only 1355 steps from Kotor ‘s center with cobbled narrow streets. No visit to Kotor is complete without a hike to the top, as one of the most eye-pleasing panorama views. Take some free time to do some wandering. You can also experience Kotor Boka bay with a custom made cruise boat for the most enjoyable journey on water with visit to Blue Cave and the famous former prison “Mamula”.

St Nikola's island | Water sports you must try

A popular getaway for locals and tourists St Nikolas’s island is Montenegro’s largest uninhabited island, located just 1km away from Budva. One of the beaches is locally known as Hawaii, even though the coast is really rocky. You can also visit small 16th century church, called Saint Nikola’s, probably named after her. The island has four bays for swimming with whole logistic support, perfect for parasailing, jat boat 360, jet ski, tube, skuba diving, adrenaline rib boat, snorkeling, charter boats and so many more team building activities at St Nikola’s island as possibilities for event.

Mausoleum near Cetinje | Symbol of Lovćen National Park

As Montenegro’s old royal capital, Cetinje has dominant role in Montenegrin history and culture with visit to the Blue Palace, Cetinje Monastery and the national museum. The magnificent mausoleum, located on top of the second highest peak of Lovćen was build in honor to Petar Petrovic Njegos poet, bishop and philosopher who ruled Montenegro from 1830 to 1851. A hike of 461 steps brings you to his mausoleum and to another glorious 360 degree viewpoint of the Montenegrin coast, Lake Skadar, Albania and Croatia.

Lady of the Rocks | Visit island church and the museum

One of Montenegro’s top attractions is definitely Lady of the Rock. It is a 15th-century island church that’s been protecting the seafarers of the Bay of Kotor for over 500 years. A short boat ride from Perast or Kotor takes you to the island where for €1 you can take a guided tour through the church and museum. There’s also a little store on the island with souvenirs and ice creams. Whole sightseeing is so idyllic and Instagramable, you’ll definitely want to take some pictures and enjoy the views of the Bay and Perast- one of the most beautiful places in Kotor bay.

Adrenalin boost by rafting on the world's second deepest canyon | One of the most attractive watercourses in the world called “the tear of Europe”.

Both land and sea adventures await in Montenegro, but If you have never heard of Balkans Colorado, you are on the right track to discover one of the best-kept nature secrets in this part of Europe. With drinkable water through its entire flow, Tara river is one of the clearest and cleanest watercourses in Europe. As a wild stream with a marvelous 82 km long canyon, with its depth that reaches 1300 m, this gorge is the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world, making it perfect adrenalin junkie travel destination.

Meet the real US | Tailored made off road jeep tours in Montenegro

Soak your hands and drink water in a cold mountain stream, walk barefoot on the ground, taste local gastronomy and learn about local habits and costumes – it’s the right way to feel the true spirit of a nation. We are committed to the responsibility of respectful travelling in a way that positively impacts the places and people we visit. With our OFF ROAD JEEP TOURS you get unforgettable and emotional experience like nowhere else as we take you to grandma’s table, to the godfather’s wine cellar, uncle’s tavern and welcome you with live stories of which you will become a part.

Speechless landscapes | Remarkable history | unforgettable nightlife

Unexplored landscapes and natural sceneries around every corner, remnants of vanquished kingdoms, Balkan culture and urban luxury sites mean that this tiny country is full of contrasts, containing much more than you can imagine having it all in one – for everyone. Your trip to Montenegro will create a connection between completely different adventures from panoramic rides over the Riviera, medieval sites with great historical significance to places for fun, relaxation and unforgettable nightlife by the sea.

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