Balkan Adriatic travel list.

Why is Serbia your next incentive destination? Rely on our experience, innovation and creativity. We are constant source of ideas. We will just give you a quick glance of possibilities within our Balkan Adriatic Serbia incentive travel list.

Incentive Belgrade | Balkan's New York city that never sleeps

Serbia Incentive trips refer to Belgrade, as central point for whole event. We can proudly say that most of Belgrade’s hotels are at the top European business level of service, which is why Belgrade is becoming one of the most attractive destinations for M.I.C.E. No incentive should be expensive to be a god one and Belgrade is true definition of price-quality ratio to prove it. Belgrade is like a good black dress – Never get out of fashion. A place that changes year after year finding its best look, but it always makes you feel welcome and alive with 24h/7 options for entertainment.

Air Serbia serves 49 destinations in 30 countries as of June 2019 | Hub at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Thanks to excellent connections Belgrade, also known as a “City of the Future”, is the fastest growing congress destination in Europe. The city with the best plane connection to all places in Europe. Located app 1.5h from 80% of Europe’s capitals. The Air Serbia brand may be a relative newcomer to the commercial airline market, but it brings with it 90 years of history through Aeroput and JAT Airways,  making it the world’s eighth oldest airline still in operation.

Extraordinary possibilities for indoor and outdoor events

Luxury hall or business casual venue? Industrial or multifunctional conference hall ? In Botanical garden in city center or on the top of the highest building with mesmerizing view? Cultural heritage site or boat cruise?
No problem at all, we have prepared ideas for your
out of the box event. Optional venues for event and meeting spaces in Belgrade are endless. Serbs love going out during working days and that led to appearance of large number of places for holding different kind of events. All these possibilities make it one of the most popular tourist destinations.

What to do in Belgrade | Where team building is overload, and leisure is just “not enough” we step in with amazing incentive ideas.

Explore secrets of underground Belgrade fortress. Try culinary workshops with professional chef. Do not miss kayaking on confluence of Sava and Danube rivers and War island. Challenge yourself at Ada lake extreme sport day. Feel Belgrade spirit while exploring city center and Belgrade waterfront by bike or by tram tour. Visit Nikola Tesla museum and try interactive games. Of course, this is just a way to catch your imagination what really we can do.

When in Balkans you must experience bohemian lifestyle

Belgrade is a synonym with mix of cultures, you can feel that orient energy wild and free but elegant and balanced in its nature. Skadarlija bohemian street is the most beautiful story of old Belgrade that will make you feel so live with it’s well known restaurants, with live traditional music that touches your soul and traditional food with spacy tastes prepared on authentic ways. Belgraders are proud of their Skadarska Street in which time is measured by centuries, like Montmartre is for Parisians. There is no king, president or emperor who did not visit this street. It includes well-known restaurants, hotels, art galleries, antique and souvenir shops.

Full day and half day excursions from Belgrade

Within distance of 1h from Belgrade, a lot interesting cultural and natural heritage can be visit in full day and half day tours. From Eastern Serbia with prehistoric cultural sites to Western Serbia with unexplored nature you will be touched by local culture. From Vojvodina on the north to South Serbia region with wine routes you will have one of the best gastronomy experience ever. Serbian hospitality is world known as one of the best and the most kept traditions in the world.

Medieval fortress in Serbia | Perfect place for incentives & team-buildings

Kalemegdan fortress is one of the most beautiful places for every kind of your event at the most authentic spot – where Sava and Danube rivers kiss. If you want Austrian medieval touch – Petrovaradin fortress (famous for EXIT festival with 20year tradition) could be your very best choice in the city now nominated for the European Capital of Culture 2021 – Novi Sad. If you looking for intimate place for your event , Djerdap gorge gives you 2 magnificent fortress with idyllic landscape- Golubac and Ram fortress. European culture is deeply woven on Serbian territory for centuries.

Lighten your EVENT at Royal Palace | Literally​

Event in Royal Palace as such is a unique experience with the fact that you are able to organize your event at the home of the royal family, in their home, with their presence as hosts not only their house, but also the host of your guests. As the greatest mind on Earth, Nikola Tesla, we want the world to be aware of his discoveries and achievements – the Man who enlightened the world. <img class=As an inspiration, we used his patent to make the most of your event. Have you ever seen thunderstorms playing in the rhythm of music? How you can enlighten palace by human touch? Prepare for the show you will never forget.

Salaš in Vojvodina | Three kisses, a wide smile and a loud greeting

It does not take long for foreign visitors in Serbia to discover the hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth of the people who live in Serbia. In North Serbia you will enjoy local food and drink with authentic ambience of farmsteads and local music of the Plain of Vojvodina at SALAŠ – traditional type of farm. It consists of a family house, agricultural objects such as barn, stable and granary, surrounded by arable land and pastures. Today, salaš becomes part of folklore to be shown to guests, together with traditional foods and beverages, customs, farm life and tamburica music.

Uvac lake | “special nature reserve” for Griffon vulture

Floating on the boat through compound of meanders that nature carved in shape of snake, while Griffon vulture is flying above and the most beautiful green based color of crystal-clear waters of Uvac canyon, will quickly introduce you to the magic of this special nature reserve. The most significant is Griffon vulture, one of the 140 species of birds that live in this wild area, making the symbol and brand of Uvac Canyon.  The security service with rangers provides an opportunity for boating, sightseeing and visiting  the cave meanders system. 

European capital of culture for 2020 | Novi Sad

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe is definitely Novi Sad. Novi Sad is unique capital of the Vojvodina province, an autonomous region within Serbia with 26 ethnic groups and 6 official languages. It’s more colorful and ornate than any other city in the Balkans, with special European charm in it’s architecture. No wondering why Novi Sad is set to be the European capital of Culture in 2021. Petrovaradin fortress was a significant military fort of the Austrian rulers, now it is a town museum and great spot to enjoy panoramic view of Novi Sad.

Cultural heritage | Medieval monasteries with great significant

The Ottoman Empire has deep roots in the Balkans due to their role of almost 5 centuries. Prior to their appearance, Christian churches and monasteries constituted most of the historic religious buildings and saved Serbian heritage as one of the hidden gems of Balkan trips due to its uniqueness, valuable and legends. Nowadays, many of these sanctuaries are being renovated under the supervision of UNESCO. Cathedral of Saint Sava (Hram Svetog Save) is the largest Serbian Orthodox church and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.

Zemun and Sremski Karlovci | Small, cute, idyllic places that will catch your soul

The Austrian Empire left traces in Vojvodina with beautiful castles and etno villages that preserved the tradition of the European way life. Zemun lies on the right bank of the Danube with central open market, narrow streets, Gardoš tower and wonderful riverside restaurants, it is the most beautiful border city of ex Austrian empire, now part of Belgrade. The idyllic place Sremski Karlovci has been spiritual, cultural and educational center of Serbians for over 200 years. If you are a history enthusiast and wine lover, you will fall in love with this so small but so significant town with perfect location for sightseeing in Vojvodina.

Belgrade nightlife | In Belgrade every day is treated like Friday

Belgrade limitless nightlife options ensure there’s something new to experience every night of the week. Belgrade is known for its all-night bars and clubs and very cheap booze. Serbs never go out before midnight to nightclubs, so your evening should start in one of the trendy bars or restaurants. Belgrade has winter and summer season clubs. The most recognizable nightlife feature of Belgrade is the floating river clubs or barges (called “splavs“) in summer period that are spread along the banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers. 

Yugo tour in Belgrade | Learn about Yugoslavia in Zastava car ride

YUGO TOUR is a car ride in a vintage Yugoslav Zastava car that gives you a feeling of everyday life in Tito’s Yugoslavia. New Belgrade is like an open-air museum of socialist architecture. So when Tito died, Yugoslavia died too. You will listen music from that period, drink “Yugoslav Coca Cola”, ride along impressive brutalist architecture,  visit one of the biggest congress hotels in that time, Hotel Yugoslavia, SIV building- Palace of Serbia, Genex tower, bombed  buildings, a concentration camp and Tito’s grave at House of Flowers where you will also get a chance to see all gifts that Tito received from world leaders, royalty and diplomats of that time such as Queen Elisabeth, Fidel Castro, Gandhi.

Western Serbia | Zlatibor tour with Drvengrad and Sargan Eight train

Western Serbia, with its numerous mountains, rivers and lakes, is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies and outdoor activities. The Drina, Uvac, Lim and Ibar are rivers on which you can seek out an adrenaline rush, but remember, you need a good team for water rafting.
Don’t miss out on taking a train ride on the 1925 
Šargan Eight (ŠarganskaOsmica) railway, whose tracks cut through the mountain landscape of Mokra Gora in the shape of a figure of eight. Not far from here is the Sirogojno ethno village with healthy, traditional food and, of course, local rakija (Serbian brandy), as well as traditional trades and handicrafts. You should also visit Drvengrad, a modern ethnic wooden village built by famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica.

Full day off road jeep tour from Belgrade | Deliblato sand - "European Sahara"

The most popular tour as 1 full day tour from Belgrade is definitely OFF ROAD JEEP TOUR to the Deliblato Sands largest sandy terrain in Europe. Once it was a part of a vast prehistoric desert, having originated from the withdrawal of the  Pannonian Sea in Vojvodina area. Imagine what it’s like when the road takes you up and down constantly through different terrains and you have no idea what to expect next? So much laughter, fun and unexpected reactions and actions during this adrenaline experience.

Explore 4 National Parks in Serbia | OFF ROAD JEEP TOUR

Wherever you go, nature in Serbia will leave you speechless as every corner of country has something unique to offer. Traditional lunch in local restaurant with long tradition or wine tasting in a local winery followed with lunch in vineyards? There is no question, you will meet local culture in most authentic way – at their household. From Tara National Park with mesmerized viewpoints, to Kopaonik National Park, best sky spot in Balkans, to Djerdap Gorge National Park – you can make a circle and come back to Fruska Gora National Park to enjoy and revive all memories from your adventure in Serbia. The best way to explore Serbia is on a 4×4 off-road JEEP TOUR with a tailored route.

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