Off road Balkan drive Serbia tailored made OFF ROAD JEEP tours.

On Balkan Adriatic OFF ROAD JEEP TOURS you get unforgettable and emotional experience like nowhere else in the world, as we take you to grandma's table, to the godfather's wine cellar, uncle's tavern and welcome you with live stories of which you will become a part.

We are committed to the responsibility of respectful travelling in a way that positively impacts the places and people we visit.

Soak your hands and drink water in a cold mountain stream, walk barefoot on the ground, taste local gastronomy and learn about local habits and costumes - it's the right way to feel the true spirit of a nation. Check out our multi-day programs for Off road Balkan drive experience:

Tara | 4 days/3 nights |

Zlatibor- ostavljeno zbog fonta





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